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Driving school Policies

In purchasing a lesson or lesson package, you agree to the following policies.

Parent/Guardian Ride-along
Other driving schools may not allow you to ride along during your child's lesson, usually saying that insurance prohibits parent/guardian ride-alongs.  Whether you want to build off what your child is being taught, or you’re concerned about your child’s safety, we fully understand your wanting to be there.  Elite Driving School welcomes your participation in your child’s driving education…but only as an observer.  Safety of everyone is paramount, superior only to the student’s education.  Interference with the instructor or the student driver in any manner cannot, and will not be tolerated.  The instructor may, as outlined in our policy, terminate the training session if this occurs.  That lesson will be deemed expended, and you may be asked not to request future ride-alongs as a condition of the student lessons continuing.

Life happens, so cancellations are going to happen.  At the same time, we have to pay our instructors for their time when a short-notice cancellation occurs.  If you have to cancel less than 24 hours prior to the pick-up time, we will have to charge you a $60 cancellation fee.  Additionally, a short-notice cancellation fee is charged under the following circumstances:

1) Failure to be Present at the Pick-up Location:  If the student fails to be present at the pickup point entered on the scheduling form at the scheduled lesson time.

2) ​Failure of the Student to Have Their Driving Permit or to Comply With Its Provisions:  The student's driving permit is what allows the student to lawfully drive without a driver’s license.  The lesson will be cancelled by the instructor if the student fails to produce their permit (intact, legible, and the original copy - required be law), or does not wear eye lenses for which DMV has imposed a permit restriction.  In this event, a $60 cancellation fee will be charged against the student’s account.

3) Short Notice (Less than 24 hours) Change in Pick-up/Drop-off Location: A pickup/drop-off location is specified when the driving lesson is scheduled by/for the student.  As long as the location is within our service area, a short notice change in location may not be a problem.  However, our acceptance of the training appointment, and the subsequent scheduling of our personnel, is based on the location information provided by you.  We are required to give each student a full two-hour lesson.  A last minute change to the student pickup/drop-off point may mean that the instructor would be unable to get to that location without cutting the lesson short; or may mean that the instructor cannot get to his next appointment without the same thing happening to the next student.  We will try our best to make it work, but if we cannot accommodate a short notice change to the pickup/drop-off location without cutting short a driving lesson, the instructor or owner may, at their discretion, cancel the appointment and a $60 short notice cancellation fee will be levied.

Lesson Termination

Safety for both student and instructor is paramount.  The instructor may terminate a lesson if safety of persons and/or property is threatened.  This includes, but is not limited to, consistent failure of the student driver to comply with direction given by the instructor.  In this event, the instructor, at their discretion, may terminate the lesson and the lesson fee may be deemed expended.  The student may be rescheduled, or further service may be terminated as determined by the school management.

Additional Service Fees
1) A $60 charge will be applied for a late cancellation as described above.

2) A $10 charge will be levied for replacement of a course completion certificate (Gold Certificate).

Privacy Policy
We consider all information about our students to be confidential.  All paper records are kept in a secure area in compliance with all state and federal security procedures.  All computer records are encrypted.  All information handled by our site is secured with SSL encryption.  Financial transactions are secured to meet or exceed all banking transaction standards.  We will not share, disseminate, or provide to any person, business, or entity any information that we collect except as follows:

1) We are required by law to provide access of all student records to the DMV for inspection on their demand.  As such, when our records are accessible to, and/or in the possession of, one or more DMV employees, the security and handling of information contained in those records is the responsibility of said DMV employee(s).  Said DMV employees are responsible for following State policy and guidelines regarding personally identifiable information.  That policy, in part, requires DMV employees to keep all personally identifiable information in a secure area; and are required to prevent access to that information by any person or employee without a need to know.

2) We will provide information demanded on a valid court subpoena or where otherwise required by law.

3) Employees of Elite Driving School will be provided only that personal information that is required for completing their duties.  Each employee is required to keep all information that is in their possession secure at all times.

We do not offer refunds on any individual lessons or packages purchased.

Lessons or packages purchased will be honored for one year after the date of purchase.

External Websites
Elite Driving School, LLC, has no control over the actions of any external website.  Any issues that you may have in connection with conducting business with, or obtaining information from, any outside website is between you and the entity and/or persons owning/operating that outside website.  Elite Driving School, LLC, makes no warranty, expressed or implied, of any kind, of the content, website operation, product quality, customer service, accuracy, or security of any outside website that we either supply links to, or who provide links to our website. 

Information Content of Our Website
This website obtains all of its information concerning DMV procedures, requirements, and regulations from the official California DMV website, 
www.dmv.ca.gov.  While we make every effort to ensure that our content is current and accurate, Elite Driving School, LLC, is not responsible for any failure by DMV to maintain up to date information on their website, nor for its failure to disseminate changes to their regulations and procedures to affected DMV licensed entities such as ours.  Should you find that any of our information concerning anything having to do with DMV is incorrect, or that changes to any outside website is "broken" (does not provide access to the intended information), please let us know via our CONTACT US web page and we will verify and update our information as rapidly as possible.