Online Drivers Ed

We've partnered with a great online Driver Education site where you or your teen driver can study at your own pace and test when you're ready.  


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Private Driving Lesson

Single Lesson -- 2 Hours -- $205 - $230 + processing fees (depending if under 17 1/2 or older)

Our single two hour driving lesson is designed more for adult drivers over 18 years of age who are not required to complete the DMV's mandatory 6 hours of behind the wheel drivers training for teen drivers.  This single one on one driving lesson is tailored to our 18 and over students' need, allowing a student driver to learn and practice safe driving habits and DMV drive test material, who may not need the full six hours of drivers training. Parents of teen drivers can also purchase individual lessons allowing the cost to be spread out over time, or purchase a single lesson for additional training and/or refreshment.  ​​​​

**Lessons or packages purchased will be honored for one year after the date of purchase.

Call To Schedule At   916-409-3041

Call To Schedule At   916-409-3041

Call To Schedule At   916-409-3041  -  Or

Driving Lesson Package

3 Private Lessons -- 2 hours each

​*** Our Most Popular Package ***

SAVE OVER $100 with this package! 

Mandatory 6 hours by DMV for 17 1/2 and under students. Three lessons for $489 + processing fees or our single lesson price will end up costing $615 + processing fees. 

Teen drivers under 18 are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles to complete 6 hours of behind the wheel drivers training while holding their permit for 6 months.  The first private two hour lesson should be scheduled as close to obtaining the permit as possible to validate the permit and make it legal for the student to start getting their 50 hours of practice with a parent or adult over 25.  Our second lesson should be after the teen driver has had time to practice the skills taught during the first lesson.  When scheduling the last lesson we highly recommend it being scheduled close to the actual behind the wheel DMV drive test so that we can make sure our students are confident and less nervous for the test, please call us as soon as you book the test date and time.  During each of the three lessons our local driving instructors will always be going over DMV test material with your teen driver and making sure that they are learning other safe and practical driving skills that aren't even on the DMV test.  We start out teaching each student the fundamentals of driving and move on to more complex driving skills such as safe lane changes, round a bouts, merging onto the freeway and how to handle unsafe drivers.  Our local driving school strives to make sure that each teen driver is confident and capable of passing the DMV test and driving on their own afterwards. At Elite Driving School we believe the best driving safety and capability of your teen is achievable when working together with the parents or guardians and is why we email progress reports within 48 hours of each lesson and welcome feedback from you or the teen driver.   Parents often worry that their teen has no experience behind the wheel, don't worry most of our students have never driven anything with a motor, that's why we have a gas and brake pedal on our driving instructor's side.

**Lessons or packages purchased will be honored for one year after the date of purchase.

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​​DMV Driving Test      --NOT Available At this time--

Popular with busy parents who don't have the time or flexibility to take their teen for the DMV driving test.

Our local driving instructor will spend the first 45 minutes with the student driver resolving any skill issues that he or she may have so that each student driver is best prepared for their DMV driving test.  This includes pick up and drop off within our service area on the day of the driving test, plus not having to worry if your car is DMV test ready.  Please call us to conveniently schedule your DMV driving test, our team must schedule the test time to ensure we have a vehicle available.

​*Our DMV driving test is only available for purchase if the student has taken a minimum of one private driving lesson with us.​​

DUE TO CALIFORNIA'S COVID RESTRICTIONS WE HAVE SUSPENDED THIS SERVICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.  **Lessons or packages purchased will be honored for one year after the date of purchase.

​​Driving Lesson Package with DMV Drive Test

3 Private Lessons + 1 DMV Drive Test

Not Available at this time

This package is a great value for teen drivers whose parents don't have time to take them to the DMV for their driving test, or for adults that don't have easy access to a car for their DMV drive test.  With this package you get all the lessons described in our standard driving package plus the DMV driving test, making this our stress free package.  Some parents opt to purchase this package and use the drive test section as a full two hour fourth lesson, and that's fine too.  At Elite Driving School we are here to make this mandatory and stressful time as easy and pleasant as possible.  Please don't forget that our team must schedule the DMV test to make sure we have a vehicle available.

DUE TO CALIFORNIA'S COVID RESTRICTIONS WE HAVE SUSPENDED THIS SERVICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.  **Lessons or packages purchased will be honored for one year after the date of purchase.

​welcome to elite driving school IN Lincoln

We offer the finest professional behind the wheel driving instruction that you will find in California.  And, we have partnered with a great online Driver Education school, so we have all your bases covered.

If you're looking for the best local driving school near you, we offer driving lessons in Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, and surrounding areas of Placer County, east of Sacramento.  Our lessons can be purchased individually, or you can save money by purchasing one of our driving lesson packages.  Please see 
HOW DO I GET MY DRIVER'S LICENSE for detailed information on what training you may need.  Be sure to check out our SPECIAL OFFERS page for any current savings offers.

We track our packages and your progress during your time with us.  We highly recommend NOT scheduling more than one lesson at a time if you book online.  After purchasing online our school will be contacting you the next business day.  For the student to be a safe, successful driver, and to have the best chance at passing their driving test, their practice driving at home should build off of the student's Driving School lesson...and vice versa.  At the end of each lesson, the instructor will communicate with the student and the parent/guardian to let you know what the student needs practice with prior to the next lesson.  The instructor will also provide recommendations as to when the next lesson should be scheduled.  That is the best time to come back to our website and schedule the next lesson or you can
CONTACT US.  Typically, it is recommended that the second lesson is scheduled after the student has practiced for approximately 20-25 hours.  We ask that you call us ONE month after your first lesson so that we can schedule out your second lesson toward the middle of your permit.  We recommend the third lesson be scheduled closer to the student's behind the wheel drive test with the DMV, so we ask that you call us the SAME day that you book your diving test so we can schedule your last lesson.  For drivers under age 17 1/2, the first lesson must take place soon after acquiring their new driver's permit because the permit is not valid for the student to drive with their parent/guardian until the permit is signed by a professional driving instructor who has been licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.​​  For the best driving school near you, call us to schedule, thank you.

​**Lessons or packages purchased will be honored for one year after the date of purchase.